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March 03, 2016

Banker Supply Co is an innovative bicycle lifestyle retailer focused on urban cycling. We are a young company on a rapid growth path looking for motivated passionate people to join our team as we change how retail operates in the bicycle industry. Banker Supply Co is not the bicycle shop you are used to - we are culturally more like a startup than a bike shop--everyone hustles and does a little bit of everything.70% of our sales are to women so it is vital that you understand that we are not a normal "in crowd/exclusive attitude" bike shop. The prevalent pretentious attitudes many bike shops are proud of is not tolerated. We have a strong focus on clothing and fashion... Continue Reading →

Cold Weather Riding Tips

January 07, 2016

Although technically it has been winter for two weeks the outside temperature finally reflects the current season.  Just because the temperature is dropping doesn't mean you need to hang up the helmet for the season. Whether you commute by bike or just like to ride on the weekends, a little planning can keep you in the saddle no matter the weather. Icycle Bicycle ride January 1st 2016 Cover your butt... and hands and face and everything else.  One of the most important things to remember with cold weather riding is to minimize the amount of exposed skin. Once you reach higher speeds the windchill will make 35° feel more like 15° and you will quickly realize the gaps in coverage around places like... Continue Reading →

Watch this beautiful illustration showing 300 years of bike designs

December 23, 2015

This minute long video by Thallis Vestergaard compresses 300 years of bicycle designs down into this visually compelling animation that shows how much the bicycle has changed from its first iterations.  Fun fact: all of the designs after the first simple 'two wheels and a plank of wood' until the ~50 second mark were released within a few decades of each other - the final ten seconds shows what has persisted as the most common bike design for over a century. Checkout the vimeo details for a breakdown of each design featured!     Continue Reading →